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Only In Detroit USA!

My golf buddies and I often though there has to be a better way than a heavy $235 walking golf cart that you can only push—loaded with tee/ball/purse???? holders—plus more wires and brakes that have to be set on every hill and often didn’t work. The small wheels and raised-up golf bag made for a bumpy ride and a “tippy” top-heavy stance on side hills. American Ingenuity to the rescue! Ever notice the low center-of-gravity on Indy race cars -- large tires and the body low between the wheels? Aha!!!

Inspiration Then Design

I hired a graduate designer, Dave Mack, at the top-rated College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit to help me design an ultra-light push/pull/walk-alongside golf cart made to last a lifetime—with a very low center-of-gravity and large 20” wheels that can be removed for packing.

I then joined forces with Adam Clifton, President of Alternative Components, Inc. after interviewing several auto-prototype firms around Detroit. After more than two years of testing and re-design, Adam made the 1st prototype ready for field testing.

Incredible Resources Around Detroit

A great deal of the credit goes to Adam and his CAD, prototype/tool and die engineers, and close-by injection mold makers/producers, baked-on auto paint shops, plastic engineers—and more—all within 10 miles.

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